Happier, healthier people

Our team in the UK developed a wide and varied wellbeing plan that focuses on healthy lifestyles, connections, practices and workplace needs, a great example of efforts at our local sites to focus on caring for our people.


During 2022, the UK team focused on two key priorities, mental health and menopause. 

For mental health, the team partnered with We are Hummingbird, a specialist charity, to establish a network of Mental Health First Aiders. So far, 44 managers and colleagues have been trained to provide assistance to people experiencing mental health issues or emotional distress. 

Targeting menopause, the team has so far launched a Menopause Policy and created a Menopause Toolkit. The toolkit was accompanied by training for line managers that helped them learn how to support colleagues experiencing menopause and provided suggestions on how the workplace can be adjusted to accommodate different ways of working, when needed.

Engagement with these critical topics is high across all UK sites and the initiatives kick-started conversations on these topics that had not been previously discussed.

“We believe that the initiatives have positively impacted the mental and physical health and wellbeing of our colleagues, and in particular we are experiencing more open conversations about these crucial topics.

Nina, HR Manager UK