The first-to-market biodegradable fragrance capsules

In 2022, we made significant progress in the development of technology and innovation capabilities for the design and measurement of biodegradable polymers. 


The Givaudan Product Safety Sciences team helped deliver to market PlanetCaps™, the first biodegradable polymer for use in encapsulated fragrances able to meet the new, stringent European Commission microplastics safety regulation. 

When consumers wash laundry with a fabric softener containing these microcapsules, the shells break and the capsules are activated, releasing a blast of freshness exactly when needed. For the last several years, Givaudan science & technology, business and creation experts have been striving to ensure that fragrance capsules deliver outstanding scent release and are kind to nature. Our product safety sciences experts in biodegradability joined forces with the polymer experts to design biodegradable capsules to help ensure that PlanetCaps™ would meet the more stringent microplastics regulations. 

The resulting PlanetCaps™, a combination of high biodegradability and renewable carbon source material, provide the long-lasting fragrance that’s appreciated by both customers and consumers. They are certified as biodegradable according to OECD test criteria, and officially bio-sourced, meaning they are sourced from more than 50% renewable carbon. Already produced in our Vernier facility and soon available in Singapore and Pedro Escobedo, Mexico, PlanetCaps™ is bringing increased long-term sustainability to fabric care for customers and consumers around the world.