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Ambitious financial targets are an integral part of our 2025 strategy. Solid financial performance puts us in a position to drive inclusive, material economic growth, supporting our customers’ own market expansion plans and providing them with growth opportunities through the use of our products.

Strong economic growth allows us to offer investors an attractive dividend yield and to contribute a fair share of tax contributions where we operate. It allows us to support innovation with partners including academic and research institutions, start-ups and technology providers. It allows us to focus on our people, making sure that everyone has the right skills and competencies to grow and feel welcome, valued and inspired.

Economic strength helps us work with suppliers to ensure the long-term availability of the most vulnerable raw materials; to source materials and services in a way that protects people and the environment, and to increase transparency and visibility within supply chains. Any supply chain disruption could negatively impact our operations.

Direct economic value generated
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Direct economic value generated

For the 2023 financial year, total economic value generated was CHF 6,937 million, of which CHF 6,712 million (97%) was distributed among providers of capital, employees, taxes, and suppliers. The balance of CHF 225 million (3%) was retained.

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Economic value distributed
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Economic value distributed