Driving sustainable jasmine production

Jasmine is a scent ingredient of exceptional pedigree. For centuries, this mythical white flower, with its complex, sensual and honeyed aroma has been at the heart of the perfumer’s art, and so it remains today.

Jasmine harvest

In Egypt, the Nile Delta region is home to more than 90% of its annual jasmine yield, and provides a stable income for farmers and pickers alike.

In line with the Company’s Naturals at Origin strategy, and together with the Givaudan Foundation, we initiated a project to bring concrete solutions to some of the local environmental and human challenges facing jasmine production in Egypt. The jasmine flower is prone to attacks from insects and pests, while pesticides used to combat this issue can degrade soil and even pose health risks to pickers. Our project aimed to promote sustainable plant protection measures and improve agricultural training practices.

In 2022, we can appreciate the success of the initiative, with 240 jasmine producers now using 100% organic fertilisers, insect traps and producing their own compost.

Commenting on the partnership, Laetitia, Givaudan Foundation Lead states: “Through focusing on shared goals and committing to positive, long-term changes, Givaudan, its supplier, the Foundation, and our training partner have collectively brought benefit to Egypt’s jasmine-producing communities.”