Minimising eucalyptus waste in Spain

Eucalyptus globulus is grown for the purity of the essential oil. The organic ingredient from Albert Vieille (a Givaudan acquired company) brings delightful fresh, green and lemony aspects which our perfumers use in consumer products and fine fragrances.

Eucalyptus tree

Its sourcing in Spain is an example of a circular economy, with distillation waste returned to the forests as biomass.

Our suppliers in Spain cultivate eucalyptus globulus forests for the wood which is used in the production of biomass. To avoid material waste, the leaves are collected by distillers to obtain eucalyptus globulus essential oil. The distillation waste is then delivered back to the forestry company for the production of biomass. Albert Vieille distils the essential oil locally in certified organic facilities to adjust it to 80% of eucalyptol content.

Maria, Sourcing Project Manager, points to the benefits of our approach: "In working with our local suppliers to collect the best quality branches and in returning the waste for biomass to help in the cultivation of the future Eucalyptus globulus trees, we have established a beautiful example of a circular economy. The end result is a pure and powerful essential oil that is certified organic and fully traceable."