Pomacle: conserving water, our most precious ingredient

For Givaudan, global issues around water usage and conservation are critical, so we do everything to ensure good water management.

Pomacle, France

Givaudan’s Pomacle site is located in the champagne area of France. This bio-refinery, which covers over 250 hectares of local countryside, is the result of a strong willingness to create value and to secure the durability of production while preserving the environment.

At Pomacle, the waste water from our production is re-used for the irrigation and fertilisation of the fields surrounding the site, as far as up to 25 km away. Of particular importance is the use of waste water spread in the fields during summer, when plants suffer due to the heat. This negates the use of water-pumping from the water table.

The overall impact in 2022 at Pomacle was a water-saving of 100,000 m3, the equivalent of 40 Olympic swimming pools.