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  • Social
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Happier, healthier lives
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Our intention is to deliver growth in partnership with our customers, achieve ambitious financial targets through the creation of inspiring products that support happier, healthier lives, all while making progress on our longer-term purpose ambitions in the areas of creations, nature, people and communities. 

We work to secure our long-term economic growth while positively impacting the environment and society and meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders. Short- and mid-term goals must support both our bold financial targets as well as the longer-term ambitions linked to our Company purpose.

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There is an urgent need to accelerate climate-action in many areas of our business and we have adopted global standards and ambitious goals. Our climate journey is already well underway and we have made concrete progress towards our ambitions.



renewable electricity



GHG emisssions
scope 1+2 since 2015



water withdrawal rate reduction on sites facing water stress since 2020


CDP AA list

leadership in transparency and action on climate change water water security

Read more on our environmental progress in the 2023 Integrated Report on economic and ESG performance.

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Our ambition is to become a more balanced company, strengthened by the diversity of employees and inclusivity for all. We actively promote a safe and secure working environment to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of all our employees. In addition, we ensure that we positively impact the lives of people in the communities where we operate and source.



in senior management


– 47%

total recordable case rate 
since 2018



of our total materials and
services sourced responsibly*


> 440,600

people benefited 
from community initiatives

* percentage by procurement spend, flagged as sourced responsibly upon completion of basic due diligence as defined in our Sourcing4Good programme.

Read more on our social progress in the 2023 Integrated Report on economic and ESG progress.

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Transparent governance ensures that we manage and supervise our operations in a responsible way, contributing to a fair, inclusive business environment.



non-executive and independent Board members



non-financial targets in Performance Share Plan compensation



average base salary difference between men and women*



of employees
have completed the
Principles of Conduct training

* Results for the Givaudan Group globally for equivalent roles and skill sets. For Switzerland’s private sector, the average regressed pay gap is 8%.

Read more on our governance progress in the 2023 Integrated Report on economic and ESG progress.